We can actually seat up to 300 people banquet style as well as 275 with round tables.
The bars last call is 2:15am closing is at 2:30am
We actually have a great kids menu — topped off with a waffle cone sundae!
We do actually decorate for weddings and events , please call lori, our events consultant for a viewing and onsite consultation 709-589-7508
Keep in mind that most events actually start a hour late so if you want dinner for 7 then please put down 6:30 pm or if you want dinner for 7:30pm then please put 7:00pm
We actually do provide dinner music at no aditional cost during pre cocktail reception and dinner!
You actually cant bring in your own wine, but being a fully licensed banquet hall we do provide a wine list and offer wine on tables or served,call for details or see attached
We actually have a great midnight snack option /menu please see attached menu
We oversee and execute you wedding plans and details provided through the brides extended details list (through event planning and coordination) taking care of all your wedding needs without any extra stress giving you the opportunity to relax and take full advantage of having your event at the harbour breeze — ask about our champagne greeting at the entrance!!
We do actually offer this service — even kissing the codfish and having a drink of the Newfoundland famous screech (this is very popular with "mainlanders" attending your event!)
There is no banquet hall rental fee. We offer complete wedding pkgs at no additional cost giving you and your guests quality service exceptional food ?what a lot of brides don?t know is that added extras can make or break your budget!! i.e.: a good wine or a less expensive fruit wine.. Or adding a salad or soup or even a midnight snack, chair covers etc?..these are things can add up quickly? With that said we can build and customize an event / wedding to suit your needs and your budget and still have that dream wedding.